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Week Long Update…..

Thurs. Aug 22, 2013…….While I miss Wyoming and many things of the West, namely huge cutthroats eating large dry flies….I am glad to be home.  It was a challenge getting back in the swing of things this week.  So much catch up to do, I must say I felt like I was behind the 8 ball so to speak all week.  And I still haven’t caught up!

WYOMING UPDATE.….Finally got all our gear shipped in, everything made it here ok once again…and I have finally managed to load all our trip photos. You can click the link below to see the entire trip photo album. If you ever wanted to get in on this trip now is a great time…..already have 3  and perhaps 4  of the 6 slots for Wyoming 2014 filled……Let’s Go Fly Fishing in Wyoming!

Wyoming 2013 Master Album click here
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA fresh grizz print on a mud bar where I was guiding Dr. Pat Burney and Dr. Ken Karb the morning we packed out from camp to head back to Jackson Hole…….Jeff Wilkins photo Aug 14, 2013

On a different note, our  first South Holston Oct 15-17 trip was a Sell out, so due to customer request I am  offering a second trip as well Oct 22-24, 2013…had more interested people than we had slots!  In any case, Oct 22-24 is still a great time, fishing will be the same as the week before, and there’ll still be some sulphurs on the upper river, and blue winged olives throughout.  Should be a great time.  I have 3 open slots ….If interested in the Oct 22-24 dates you can let me know here , or you can go online and purchase your slot here . Its first come, first served.  Once they are sold, that’s all folks!   Let’s Go Fly Fishing!



Laura Kennerly , Madison, NC, with a nice SoHo brown…….we had a killer day on small dropper patterns…….Jeff Wilkins photo 2013

Had some pretty decent fishing earlier in the week guiding a friend and client Ho Young Lee from Charlotte, NC.  Fishing was good right from the outset.

We fished some wild waters in Yancey Co, NC, met up with the guys in Morganton and we headed off for the hills. Ho and three of his friends/associates, who were in from NY, Chris, Jimmy, and Larry, and we got in the water a little before 830am. It was nice, cool, just a great day to be outside. Ho is an experienced angler, the other guys just learning so we did a fly fishing 101 lesson to begin with and talked about casting, reading water, Presenting the fly, line management, etc., and once I felt the guys were in a position to be able to catch fish we proceeded with fishing. Had several right off from the start, all rainbows….Jimmy scored first. We fished our way up river, leapfrogging here, there, and catching fish the whole way. The river was in excellent condition, best mid to late August conditions on a small native trout stream I have ever seen…..Ever seen…..EVER seen. Though its a damper on many plans the wet summer and cool temps have our small native trout streams on cloud nine. The fish are lovin’ it. The fish were on the eat as well, we caught fish from the start and steadily all day. We  finished up with a lot of  fish, particularly for a first day….and we caught them on a variety of dries and dry /dropper rigs.
PHOTOS from the Day ….click here .

2013-08-20 11.57.40

The true ‘Braveheart’ of the National Forest, a native small stream Southern Appalachian rainbow….this guy earns his meat  n taters the honest way……and not from a hatchery bucket……. Jeff Wilkins photo Aug 2013.

Have a great evening….have a day tomorrow of winding up catching up on messages and emails and a few fly orders as well.  Will be heading out on Saturday to guide a trip so until then have a great one…..

Tight Loops…..


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