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Good Day in Bondurant, Fishing Was So…So….

Fri. Aug. 16, 2013….. Just waking up here in sleepy and chilly Bondurant, WY, where its near the freezing mark.  Brrrr…..frost on the roof tops as I left my cabin on the Hoback River and walked over to the main lodge.  We are getting ready to enjoy I guess the last of our cowboy breakfasts…..that is eggs, bacon, sausage gravy and biscuits, homemade strawberry yogurt…….and more coffee than you can drink.   Thanks to our host and friend Carlton Loewer its been great the past few days.  We have today’s fishing on the Greys River in a remote area of Bridger Teton Wilderness and we’ll be going about 25 miles in.



Not only have we enjoyed some great fishing but great food but an added bonus have been some great doggies along the way.  From our camp dog Mia to the two lodge pooches Shep and Pete its been fun.  Must be fun to be a dog out here…..plenty of open space, water, things to chase, etc., a 24hr playground.


We fished on the upper Hoback, way up into the National Forest Section above Dead Shot, saw some Buffalo on the way in.  We took the 17 mile trek by national forest road into the backcountry, it was a nice ride, it wasn’t long until the sky became hazy with smoke from some nearby forest fires.  It got fairly smoky too.  We could see the smoke plumes from where we were fishing and we fished til midafternoon and it got pretty hazy.  We did ok, netting about 25 to 30 finespot cutthroats and all on dry flies.  Big then small, then something else small seemed to produce pretty well.  The Tan Fat Albert was the fly to have.





















Had a killer cowboy steak last night prepared expertly by our friend Carlton at Black Powder Ranch.  It was great.  We had dinner, recounted the day’s and week’s fishing, and enjoyed some great fellowship over a fantastic meal.

We are headed out to the Greys River today, breakfast is coming, and I am packing lunches and as soon as we are done with breakfast we’ll be on our way.

More to come …!  Have a great weekend…


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20130816_065624[1]Ranch dog Pete looking in on me at breakfast…..”hey friend, throw me a piece of that BACON….”




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