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Early Start Again….

Thurs. Aug 8, 2013…..Whew, man its early.  Just pulled out of Teton Village a short while ago and drove through Wilson and into town for some coffee and breakfast.  Meeting a friend /client this morning and we are doing a float, just not sure yet whether we are going to do the Snake here or the South Fork over in Idaho.  Flows are lower in the large rivers than they would normally be which means stellar dry fly action.  The fish are definitely lookin’ up.



Spent the better part of yesterday in Idaho Falls and enjoyed , as I always do, the incredible Swan Valley Drive.  Got to be top 5 as far as most beautiful places out here.  Pretty incredible.  Went by both the Hyde shop and Clacka as well and walked the lots looking at some of the boats there.  Met w/Chris Lieckfield who is the Hyde production manager….trying to decide on a custom boat design…..sure plenty to choose from .    Looked at one trade in , a new boat , a Rocky Mtn Skiff that was pretty sweet, and wouldn’t you know it…..already in the colors black, white, tan that are my company/website colors anyway.  Luck or Destiny?   Neither.  One sure thing I’m learning….if you do what feels ‘right’ you’ll make a mistake in many instances.  I will stop right there…lol.


Did get in some fishing, fished the Lower Canyon and landed about a dozen cutthroats, all were on dry flies.  Broke a big fish off on a wooly bugger that I wasn’t expecting…. it was a beast.  I had fished through this stretch already, and came upon some rising fish.  I caught probably 6 or 7 of the 8 fish that were rising.  I went on upstream but came back to a really deep blue hole where I hadn’t previously gotten a strike.  I tied on the bugger and threw to the bank, got about 4 strips into the deal and wham…..a kill shot.  Broke me off.  Larger fish than I expected.  But I love surprises.



Well, I’d better get a move on it.  Heading down to the Wilson ramp to meet my guys for today….looks like more of the same today.  Sunny, 78F, low humidity, but a grasshopper breeze.  When it gusts the hoppers go flying…..and into the drink.

I kind of like that.

Have a great one………more to come….


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Snake River just above Sheep Gulch….and Alpine, WY, one of the most awesome stretches of whitewater downstream of here you would ever run in a boat or raft……its scary!


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