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Wet N Chilly Over for A While….

Mon. May 27, 2013 …Happy Memorial Day Everyone, looks like things are changing a bit, well a little bit.  At least it won’t feel like March all over again.  That’s what we had over the NC Mtns, East TN, and SW Va the past few days.  High water, some places just becoming fishable, like a dose of late winter runoff only the water isn’t as cold.  But here’s the skinny on our wrap up to last week, one of the last trips before the holiday…


Guided Jerry Wells and Dan Campbell Group, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, after a chilly weekend things settling down a bit, very unseasonable in the mtns, some isolated valley frost.  Water has been high in most places, maybe not in all but certainly most.  Plenty of water.  Posting these from a trip a few days ago that I had not yet posted we bounced around on several waters looking for fishable water.


Did a trip with Jerry Wells and Dan Campbell, and their sons Kyle and Sam.  We had a pretty good day, although slow to start after the major temperature swings and high water.  Really high water.  Probably the limit of what I would fish with clients.  Would I still go?  Yes.  But hey, I am a different bird.  We started slow, maybe 8 or 10 fish by lunchtime and then things were pretty good.  I’d say we rounded out the day with about 35-40 fish, a good day anywhere and probably 6 of the fish caught were citation sized.


We also had on several two footers or longer that were on for a bit , we neither saw nor turned, sans one rainbow Sam had one that was every bit 25 or 26″ long.  Bummer.  Got in some heavy water, made a run, broke off 3X.  But it was a great day….and we finished up and it wound down around 5:00 or 5:30 mostly due to the cooler temps I am sure.



Headed off for a 5 day trip to East TN will be guiding a group I do every May on the South Holston, plus we’ll be fishing some other waters too including a small private spring creek in S Central Va..   Will have on this trip Wendell Ott, Judge Joe Craig, UNC University System President Tom Ross, Ron Davis, Allen Peterson, Rusty Walker, Bill Leinster….should be a great trip if the TVA will just back off releases to offer us some low water sulphur hatch fishing….

Have a great one, enjoy your Memorial Day holiday honoring those who have fought for and continue to fight for liberty and freedom.  We salute you all!


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Craneflies are a tailwater staple from spring through fall…..you need  a few #16 and 18 imitations in your box too if you fish tailwaters and some of our lower elevation DH waters.


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