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Unsettled Weather Continues, Cold Front at Our Backdoor….

Thurs. May 23, 2013…. In the last 3o yrs and in my time doing this fly fishing gig I have seen a lot….experienced a lot…I must say the weather both by type and intensity have exceeded any year previous to this one.  I remember another May in recent memory that things were all over the place, and that was in 2008, but nothing like this May.  This one will be one to tell the grandkids about…..”….uh, I remember back in 2013…….”  you know how the story goes….


Had a trip scheduled today guiding Dr. Scott and Diane Bertrand and I cancelled due to all day releases on the South Holston and high muddy conditions.  I had been taking clients to smaller waters and doing very well but the last two days put a fork in that plan…Done.  Well done.  Cooked, our goose that is.  A no go, we finally reached the point where all the places I have been guiding are high and blown out or pretty well unfishable.  Here’s the “compleat” weather scoop from Rays Weather in Boone.  I figure that the next two days, or at least through Sunday, may well be shot as more weather is on tap for today….

Weather Update:

Flash flood conditions all throughout the mountains through midnight tonight. Any rain today will push already swollen streams and rivers to the edge once again. It’s been a long time since a front moved through from the west. Tonight’s the night. Expect scattered showers and thundershowers today, especially later today and this evening with the passage of a cold front out to our west. Rain chances hold on through tonight and into tomorrow morning. After that, sharply drier and cooler. Really cool. The front will move off the Southeast Coast Friday. Low pressure will stubbornly hold in New England this weekend, and cool Canadian high pressure will settle into the Tennessee Valley and Southern Appalachians. Expect an impressively cool Friday (for May) with gusty winds. We’ll have morning clouds with some early light rain or drizzle possible. In spite of the cool temperatures, sunshine will take over by afternoon. As winds diminish Friday night, valleys could see frost late Friday night. I’ve said it a thousand times, wise gardeners around here hold off until Memorial Day.

The weekend will have lots of sun but dramatically cooler than normal temperatures.

2013-05-20 07.55.50

The mantra this week while fishing stained high water has been “If its brown, better get it down”…..move it, twitch, jiggle, strip ,pause……moving the fly will work wonders if the water is off color. Finding a slower pocket of water and twitching a fly through it can catch you a lot of fish when the water is up and dirty. High water pushes fish either to the bottom, the edges, or into the “soft water “(inside of bends, tailouts, eddies, undercuts)….soft water is water adjacent to the faster water, places you often stand because you can…its slow, calm, etc., trout are using these spots during high water. Not only to get out of the heaviest current and save energy, but also to feed. Yes, they do feed when conditions are bad.  I am writing a blog piece on this topic today that will appear in our upcoming newsletter so stay tuned to check that out as well.

Have a great one today, I’d better get to finishing a ton of custom fly orders….

Tight Lines…


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