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Wet Again….Survived Again….Great Day of Fishing…

Mon. May 20, 2013….. Had a full and busy day…today was wet and started with thunderstorms but here’s how it all panned out…from a report I posted on our main site….

Looks like all day/night generation on the SoHo, we’ll be rescheduling or fishing somewhere else…Woke up to severe thunderstorms, in fact I was up early tying flies for the day’s fishing and noticed the rumbling outside and we had about 2 hours of heavy thunderstorms….to start the day.  24 days with measurable rain in East TN.  So its wet…a lot of places are high and blown out.   I did a casting lesson on the South Holston with Diane Bertrand to start, I rigged up Scott a rig to fish while we were doing the lesson with Diane, he landed one very nice brown trout.  We finished the lesson, and then I headed off with Scott to guide him on a nearby NC water.  Everything we drove across was high and muddy, some waters near flood stage.  Today we picked the lesser of blown out waters but still fished high and muddy water.  Where we ended up I assured Scott fishing has been good and that though conditions were to the outer limit of fishable and bordering on blown out, the color of the water was still workable and I still thought we could do well.



It didn’t take but about 5 minutes for that all to prove true…Scott landed 8 fish the first spot and one was a 20″ brown….and we had on one other 20″ plus and it came off.  We fished three or four other spots downriver, all with heavy nymph rigs and some special “muddy” or ‘murky’ water patterns I have been working on…new flies…and they did well.  We fished the soft water, banks, tailouts, all the typical high water haunts and caught fish in them all.  We used the moving the fly during the drift on some presentations and twitching it….techniques that work on stubborn fish or in murky to muddy conditions…it helps fish see or ‘hear’ or notice the fly.


We caught many doing this, probably a third of our fish on some sort of active presentation with movement, twitching, etc….it is a deadly technique.  We landed one other citation fish, a nice large rainbow,and a few more browns, then called it a day.  35 fish or so, give or take one…it was a great day.  A gift from the Lord….for sure.  35 fish is a good day on any water, any time, any where, any condition…and to have that today was a feat.  As a guide it feels good to be in the fish almost the whole time on a day when the conditions would force a lot of anglers to leave or stay home.  Thank you Lord…

Guiding another group tomorrow, Dave Link from the Triangle area and looks like we’ll see more of the same.  Rain and thunderstorm threat along with high and murky to muddy conditions.  It is at a point where any significant rain blows things out….  So with that said, we’ll go with crossed fingers and let things be as they may.  And catch fish doing it…

Have a great evening…


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