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Wet Morning on the South Holston….

Sat. May 11, 2013….After an afternoon wrought with storms yesterday things were pretty stirred up. Got in early from some hike in fishing in Dennis Cove/Laurel Fork. In addition to a dozen fish on the SoHo we added about a dozen or so wild small stream browns and rainbows to the mix, and one wild 11"brook trout as well.

Woke up this morning to chilly temps, was out on the river at sunup and fishing was slow and tough. A few fish rising to a #20 bwo spinner fall. Landed about 8 fish, one 19" brown and a 17" rainbow and had one over 20" make a blistering run and come off. All nymphing with micro patterns…size 20 near nuthins and size 18, 20 zebras. Hate it was all nymphing but hey you take what the conditions give you and go with it. On the river right now typing this……not much more current you can be with a fishing report….right?

Looks like another thunderstorm /rain threat today, like 60-70%. And they are releasing water rest of the day on the SoHo. Will be tying flies and also enjoying Mother’s Day at home with my wonderful bride and my two moms….

Have a great one….when all the yuck clears the SoHo is primed and will be on fire….

I can’t wait….Enjoy your Saturday….


Jeff Wilkins FlyFishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summerfield, NC 27358

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