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As Wet As Wet Can Be….

Fri. May 10, 2013….That’s what I’d say about the Mtns….but had a decent day today even with it.  Here is what I posted on our fishing reports page, I am right now sitting in Elizabethton, TN doing a site update in the car.  Talk about technology….never thought I’d see the day I could be somewhere else other than home and keep things updated like this.  Pretty sweet…and makes it easier to keep up for sure.

Here’s the scoop from today…

sampled several areas today and fishing was good until the releases came on….about 12 fish a mix of browns and rainbows and several nice fish on dries, others on a choco midge and a black sparkle tail. A good many rising fish. Also hit several other area waters, just to see what kind of shape the whole area was in. Things are high everywhere pretty much….and caught about 10 more wild rainbows, and one wild brown and brook trout on some hike in water. It was good until the mother of all thunderstorms came upon me and soon we had flash flood conditions. Scampered back to the SUV as fast as possible in an absolute gully washing downpour….and lightning bolts popping too. Oh well, that is normal warm weather weather in the mtns.


If there ever was a day to stay in and get some things done tomorrow might be it.  I had a trip planned but that is off.  I will likely be on the river for a few hrs in the morning and then scurry home to celebrate Mother’s Day with my wonderful bride and my mom and my mother in law.  Three great ladies…indeed !  Looks like severe thunderstorms and rain through tomorrow, drizzle for Sunday, then sharply cooler Monday with highs around 50F.  Could also be some frost in the valleys….  What?  Yep, you heard it right.


Stay dry…..Will have more to post tomorrow….Have a great one….!


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