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Things are Clearing, Slowly……..Dry Fly Relief Has Begun!

Wed. Apr. 24, 2013  …..Have been dealing with high and murky water the past week but things are slowly getting back to normal.  Guided Dan Campbell,Clint Truman, Jerry Wells, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns,we had a super early start and did so with the intent of us hitting two or three waters if necessary if things were still as high as they have been. Well, high they were, and I have done a lot of miles lately looking for the clearest water but we did well. It was high, about 8 inches high to be exact, and it was cold. Chilly , 32/33F and frost on the ground….chilly for almost the end of April. We fished a variety of nymph rigs and did well with them, tallying about 25-30 fish by noon or lunchtime.

2013-04-23 08.56.00-2

We also landed 3 or 4 huge redhorse suckers, as they are in full spawn mode. When suckers are spawning, a light orange y2k or light orange egg is the ticket…yellow/orange even the better. Some of the fish were obviously munching on sucker eggs. We had a lunch, then back to fishing. We fished two or three more stretches and ended up catching maybe 20-25 more, including two citation fish, one huge brook trout caught by Jerry and a ginormous hook jawed beast of a rainbow caught by Dan.

2013-04-23 15.20.15

We hit one last spot at the end where I felt we’d have some dry fly relief….and so it was. We nailed about a half dozen more fish nymphing then maybe 8 more on a dry. Clint landed 6 on dries as the fish were rising and the bugs , a mix of bwos, sulphurs, and pale evening duns were pouring off. Saw a few yellow stones and smaller caddis, an indication spring is fully sprung…and summer isn’t far off. Great day, great guys….we had a blast.  You can catch the full report and pics here  at our main website fishing reports page .

Here’s a great presentation of a yarn strike indicator and tool that is used to make it…..all from my friends Barry and Eileen Dombro in New Zealand.  I have know the Dombros for 20yrs and guided them on a number of waters, including the TN tailwaters.  Barry is a fantastic guy and great friend…you should check out his product.  Great item for nymph fishing places like the South Holston and others where the fish are skittish and won’t tolerate a bulky , heavy strike indicator that splashes down on the water…

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool from Barry Dombro on Vimeo.

Some other great midweek tips from our friends at Gink and Gasoline Kurt Klewein and Louis Cahill…here’s a piece on choosing flies for tandem rigs…when nymphing….click here.  Along with this is a critical skill, especially if you fish nymphs…..is the roll cast mend.  Its a valuable skill to add to your toolbox….click here.

Have a great one….have trips Thurs, Friday, and Saturday and hoping the conditions hold up as the fishing has been great.

Tight Lines…!


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