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Maybe Some Drier Weather Coming Soon…

Sun. Apr. 21,2013…Things are still clearing out and dropping after the rains over the end of the week….wow….some areas got up to 4 inches depending upon elevation.  Hopefully some dry fly relief is coming soon!  Tons of bugs hatching right now as the local waters on the front slope of the Appalachians /Eastern Continental Divide have water temps in the low to mid 50s….that means lots of caddis and mayflies…most notably the Hendrickson and sulphur species.

2013-04-20 18.24.08

Tons of sulphurs were hatching about 7pm on the Mitchell River in Surry County on Saturday…as I stopped there on my way in to see what the water looked like.  High, yes, and norm flow is about 125 and it was almost 200cfs.  Dicey wading…go down and you get real wet and probably take a short ride downstream.  I grabbed a rigged rod out of my SUV and made a few throws….landed about 3 rainbows, 8 browns, and 5 brookies …in a little over an hour’s worth of fishing.  No rising fish with the water level but if it had been normal this would have been a dry fly event to write about.  No many folks are aware of it but the Mitchell is a bug factory….has more insects per square yard of bottom than any water in our area.  That is because it flows from a pristine and relatively undeveloped headwaters.  It also is among the cleanest rivers in our region.

2013-04-20 18.54.11-1

Here are a few tidbits you might find interesting…

ORVIS podcast on Leaders and More….  Click here

LOOK BEFORE YOU FISH  One of the best and most relevant articles I have read this year…excellent advice, from a guide’s perspective….on what you should be doing as you approach a stream.  Not ‘have at it…!”  but wait, watch, observe, analyze…and in doing so catch more fish.  Excellent piece and worth the read  click here

2013-04-20 19.24.23Caught several browns on the Mitchell…I remember fishing this river since the early 1980s….it was trout water then as well and would also yield an occasional smallmouth up to 2-3lbs.  Haven’t seen one that size in the Mitch since the 1990s.  But it also is a good smallmouth creek as well….great to fish in summer when it gets too warm for trout there.

Have a great week and hopefully we’ll get back in the groove soon as I have trips everyday but the flows are still dicey…fingers crossed!

Tight lines..


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