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Wet Weather Continues……Wet Period Coming Up…

Wed. Apr. 17, 2013…. Been a couple days since I have posted a report, been at home taking it easy recovering from a back procedure and am on the mend and will be back in action tonight with our Beginning Fly Fishing class.  I have a great group, and we are making great progress.  Have some really good casters in this group of folks, and we’ve had a blast so far.

Did a trip on Monday, another very wet day as we got more rain than weather folks were calling for….Guided David and Adam Carter, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, did a day trip to nearby water, things are high and roily in a lot of places, like just about everything…some front slope waters like Stone Mtn. , upper Yadkin/Buffalo Fork, South Mtns…these waters have remained a little clearer but high but man has it been wet.  Just seems to be no end and there’s more coming….  We did ok, we nymphed with big ugly patterns and landed about 25 -30 fish in some tough conditions….felt good about that and also caught a couple really nice fish.  A good day anytime that is the case….  You can view a few photos of our day plus reports on other recent trips at our Fishing Reports Page.

Ran across a great podcast from one of my faves Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis, its a great piece on Top 10 Excuses for Getting Skunked…….Funny!  Click here to listen .

Looks like another thunderstormy (is that a word?) day in the mtns, some rain tomorrow, then a potent cold front for Friday with a round of heavy showers and thunderstorms possible.  But its spring right?  We’ll see how it affects fishing….have trips everyday except Sunday so I am watching this one closely.

Have a great day today…..more to come..


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