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Fri. Apr. 12, 2013….Wow is about all I can say after the high water I have seen today. Postponed today’s trip with Scott Vosburgh….we looked at several waters and simply a no go. Even places I take folks to during wet periods and even with that a no go. High and muddy.

Have a trip scheduled tomorrow in Ashe Co with Kevin Smith of Roanoke, VA, and his brother Dr Steve Smith, Winston-Salem, NC. Water is still raging so hopefully another 12 hours it will drop enough to fish.

Salavaged today’s busted trip with a few hours at the end of the day catching 10 rainbows …one of which was 21.5" ….at Chinqua Lake near Jefferson. Pulled out some old "Wyoming lake fishing" tactics using buggers, string leeches, and midges. Worked well….would have killed for one of my sink tip lines of intermediate lines . Ended up with a very long leader and just did the countdown method….35 foot cast, landing just beyond the grassline/ drop off count to 30, strip…..strip….strip…..bam. Retrieves with stillwater trout are important so when you find a retrieve that works repeat it. Ended up nailing 10 and a big fish….and thus ending what was a busted day. But hey……busted days are a part of the whole experience.

Headed in to rest, big day tomorrow. Have a great evening and weekend…!


Jeff Wilkins FlyFishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summerfield, NC 27358

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