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Fishing is Good, Another Storm’s a Brewing…..

Mon. Mar. 4, 2013….Tying flies, having some great coffee, and doggies laying at my desk this morning.  Taking time to knock out a few flies for the coming days.  No trip today w/tons of trip stuff….working on some of our upcoming group trips and Wyoming 2013… and fly stuff to get done….working overtime it looks like….., putting the finishing touches on a few fly orders that are going out the door today too, as well as re-t00ling with flies or gearing up for this weeks trips.


Looks like we have a Tues-Thurs snow event in much of the mtns, that will mean good fishing…glad its not looking as much like a heavy rain event. Some areas of the Piedmont and Foothills will get what in meteorological terms is called ‘dry slotted’ ….that means with a developing and moving low pressure dry air gets sucked in to the lower portion of the storm and those areas don’t get as much precip. But in any case, much of the mountains will get precip and this is looking like a 3-6 inch snow event for the mtns , 8-12 inches on the ridge tops, more in SW Va, West VA, and west facing slopes along the TN/NC border. Winter Storm Warnings for all major fishing counties…..(Warning is the sure thing….in lieu of ‘Watch’) . Sounds like great fishing weather to me….  Here’s a recent clip from some fishing the past week or so….

Here’s a cool pic, from Katie Eckman, from Winston-Salem, NC, she, her mom LeAnne and several fishing friends have been clients of mine for several years….these ladies can fish! I recently did a bonefishing lesson/casting lesson with Katie before her trip….below is a photo of one of her bonefish from Deep Water Cay, Bahamas….nice work Katie!


Will be updating later today with a current report on conditions…….back to tying flies and getting a load of wood in just in case we get some snow…..which I hope we do!

Tight Lines…


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