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Snow, Today Some Wind, More Winter Weather on Tap…..And Coming..

Wed. Feb. 20, 2013…..  Just busy working on some of our trips this week, the weather has been nasty in the High Country, like ‘hard to fish’ nasty.  Small jumps in flow on many waters are due to temps approaching 30-35F  and as I have commented on on other occasions when you get that the ground thaws and the extent of the thaw releases water from otherwise frozen ground.  Simply put, we have enough water stored up from 200% of normal rain and snow totals.  Some areas of the NC high country and SW VA and E. Tennessee got pounded last month with well over 10 inches of precip.  That’s a major reason the TVA is blowing full bore on most of the Eastern tailwaters, ,most notably our home waters of the South Holston and Watauga.   East TN is running at about 220% of normal…..so you can see why the need to get rid of water is there.  We have some rain coming for late Thursday through midday on Saturday and that looks like potentially a big system that will likely begin as a significant ice storm event in the mtns before milder air moves in late day Friday and changes it all over to rain.  That warm air will thaw the ground some more which means another little spike in flow.


I have been preparing for a boatload of trips this week, getting set for May’s sulphur madness on the SoHo, bookings are up 20% over last year as word has gotten out how fabulous fishing there can be at that time.  Our 2013 Annual group trip is full, and right now I have about 3 and almost 4 groups of 5 to 6 anglers each so its going to be a busy month.  Our Escatawba trip bookings continue to be strong, our March 20 trip is now full, the next scheduled group outing is in early June, and that is time we catch some pigs on dry flies….aahhh what a bang that is.  My oldest son Ben (below) with a nice rainbow…..nice work son!  He is simply a heron with a fly rod….


Also finalizing our Wyoming 2013 plans, our August 10-17,2013  trip is within one slot of being full.  I have five fantastic guys on the trip so far, some of which this will be their 3rd trip here….that should speak for itself.  Anyway, its crazy backcountry fishing where few anglers get to tread because we are horsepacking back  in about 12 miles….hard for even a die hard to walk that far.  We’ll see some great country, catch some beautiful wild Cutthroats and brookies, and eat some incredible dutch oven meals by an open fire….  Man is it ever good.  We’ll end the week with 2.5 days of fishing some other area waters, one of which is a new one I have kept under the radar for a couple years now.  A small stream with huge cutts.  And few other fishermen.  We have one slot left should you decide you’d like to join us!  Nick Peters (below) with a North Fork cutthroat, it was Nick’s first trip fishing the West….


Also , we’ll be heading to North Andros, Bahamas the first week of May to do some bonefishing.  A group of five anglers and we’ll be chasing some bonefish on the flats.  A sight fishing game of the best kind…..  we’ll be departing from Charlotte, NC to Nassau and then by private plane to North Andros.  Should be a great trip….will be here soon….


As far as fishing locally, things thaw out a little today (Wednesday 2/20) but some cold temps coming for tonight.  Looks like Raysweather, our favorite weather source is calling for an icing event on late Thursday into late Friday, could be a significant one at lower elevations until it turns to all rain late Friday into Saturday.  A lot of local waters have remained high, the only ones that are back to normal levels are places like Caldwell, Wilkes , Surry Counties but they are just becoming so.  Weather systems keep coming.  This past Saturday when I was guiding Dr. David Spivey we ended the day with the last 2 to 3 hours being downright brutal…and it takes a lot to make me say that……as many who have fished with me in Winter will attest.  It was mid to upper 20s, high winds, and hard driving snow…..whiteout conditions at times….here’s a video clip in case you have not seen it…..


We have been posting a ton of stuff on our Fishing Reports page on our website, including some mini lessons on Reading Water that customers are giving a ton of positive feedback on.  I am presently working on a course on Reading Water and will be offering it as a class….stay tuned!

Good Fishing…..Springs a coming in 28 days…!


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