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Nice Weather , Good Weather….

Mon. Jan. 28, 2013…… Did a trip today with David Howard and a friend of his Scott….the river was in pretty good shape. The weather was incredible, the forecast high was 41F….by the end of the day it topped out at 54F……

Bugs flying…lots of small winter bkack stones, gray midges…..we did well with small Black Wire Baetis and small black stones. The guys did pretty well as we landed maybe a dozen to 15 fish before lunch. We took a quick lunch break and then headed uphill to another part of the river.

Tons of snow covering the banks , hard to get in in places as the banks were frozen and slippery. We got back in the stream and fished a couple long stretches and landed another 15 fish or so. I am guessing maybe we landed about 30…a mix of rainbows , browns, and brook trout. The largest fish was a 17-18" brown trout landed by Scott.

The days are getting longer, we had fishable light til 6pm….ordinarily we would be done before then but we had gotten a late start due to the freezing rain advisory this morning and having to sit still on the highway while a road crew and state troopers cleared an accident and a downed telephone pole.

Headed back, looks like two days of 60F plus weather coming and then spme heavy rain for Wednesday. Could be a 1 to 2 inch rain event…and right on top of soggy ground that will mean flooding.

Have a knot class tomorrow, and a fly tying class on Wednesday. ..and then round out the week with 3 guided trips…

Have a great evening!


Jeff Wilkins FlyFishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summerfield, NC 27358

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