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Winter Storm on The Way….

Thurs. Jan. 17, 2013…..Its beginning to sound like a broken record.  Had a great day on Saturday 1/12 guiding Dan Mara and Ron Morris, and had trips booked Mon, Tues, Wed, and today and postponed them all due to flooding…..4 days of trips…now we are looking at more heavy rains and a Winter Storm developing to our South that started as an ‘upper level disturbance’ and now has grown into a powerful storm…and now the weather folks are calling for a snowstorm with 6-12″ of snow in the High Country, 4-8″ in the Foothills and Piedmont, and as much as 1-3″ all the way to the coastal plain of NC.  Ray’s Weather in Boone is calling for this and some isolated higher amounts at higher elevations and at favored locations on west-facing slopes along the NC/TN border.  A lot of folks have hit or miss forecasts but Ray is usually right on the money.  He and his team of meteorologists are from the area and understand the area and all the microclimates in between…..and usually give great forecasts.  Quite simply, its the only one I trust …..they are that good!


A quick update on conditions, other than local lakes and ponds—- tailwaters in VA , the Smith , Jackson Rivers, and TN (South Holston, Watauga, Clinch R, Holston/FT Patrick Henry Dam) – – – these places are the only ones that you are likely going to find some fishing.  In a lot of instances the dam protects the river from runoff so long as incoming tribs don’t foul things up with run off.  On the SoHo, Watauga, Smith, and Jackson Rivers its possible to get above some of that and find fishable water.  And releases are favorable because the TVA generally doesn’t generate when downstream there’s flooding taking place and to release water would only make it worse.  Seeing this right now on the TN tailwaters…that is what they have done for several days now.  Will be doing at least one trip out in it regardless later today, or tomorrow, so long as the TVA keeps releases the same.

On a different note, here’s some great video for you.  I posted some of these on our site late yesterday, this is a SIMMS clip called TROUTPRON…and its a video of large fish tracking down a big foam bug and smashing it.  It reminds me of the lake fishing we do in Wyoming on our August trip.  This is much the way the native cutthroats there do when they go for a big dry fly…which is what we are fishing to them most of the time….


Also, Sage has developed a new rod that reinvents and redefines slow action….these are called SAGE Circa rods.  In their words, “….in the pursuit of Fast we reinvented slow..”  what a nice rod it is.  Sage rod designer Jerry Siem, who I used to meet up with to cast new rods at the trade shows in Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah,  has outdone himself yet again.  Here’s a rod that uses modern materials and technology to create an action much like fiberglass or bamboo….sans the weight that is a problem with either of those two materials.  Its a great rod, you can read about it on the Sage blog here, and check out the video below….

Sage CIRCA – Fly Fishing with Advanced, Slow-Action Performance. from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo.

In keeping with our last newsletter in the ‘Learning Skills’ department, we did a piece on our fly fishing blog that appeared in our newsletter and it was on hook setting skills.  If you missed that piece, you can check it out here .  Also, here is a new piece that is on the current month at Midcurrent, one of our favorite flyfishing blog sites.  It is a piece on “Sweep setting”, and it has direct and certain application on fishing here on our waters.  Its applicable in any situation where you are fishing at a right angle to the current, or perpendicular to it…..beside the fish rather.  You can check out this piece on Sweep Setting  here .

We will be doing some major fly  today and continuing to add some new stuff to several of our websites.  I am learning some new technology that will be incorporated into some of the new stuff we are doing.    We have plenty of wood stacked here, a pile of hooks to turn into fish catching flies…and looks like a little time to do it all….all while hearing the crackling fire and watching it snow.  Pretty sweet…..  Be safe if you venture out

Good Fishing…!



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One of the best views on our Wyoming trip, I took this photo while on a horse, on the high bluff trail overlooking the Buffalo Fork of the Snake…its about 800 feet straight down to the river…..”Hi mom…..look , no hands!”  This view is early into the 8 miles into camp …we get away from everything….literally!


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