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Wet…..Really Wet…..That’s the Word…

Tues.  Jan. 15, 2013……Yes wet is the word, I can attest to that.  Rain in the amount of 2.5 to 5.5 inches depending upon location.  We have now postponed three trips so far this week including tomorrow’s trip with Clay Bolick of High Point, NC.  We had planned on fishing a couple NC waters/locations but then after watching the movement of this stalled out front and the waves of precip moving along the front it just looked worse and worse.  We set on heading to Escatawba for tomorrow, as it was flowing an ideal 170cfs as of 3pm, but upon setting that as our fishing location for Wednesday’s trip the flow spiked up to an unwadeable 527cfs.  So much for that.


We have been steadily working on the fly tying site uploading new photos and recipes.   Here are a few of the January 2013 patterns below….. I have both the fly recipe on the site and also a photo slideshow of each fly as well as each fly for sale/available for purchase….flies are $12.88 per half dozen …and that includes tax & shipping is FREE.  Here are the links to each fly :

Jeff’s Lil’ Winter Black Stone Nymph      Recipe         Photo & Slide Sequence      Purchase

Jeff’s Black Wire Baetis Nymph                Recipe         Photo & Slide Sequence      Purchase

Jeff’s Flashback Rubb leg Caddis              Recipe         Photo & Slide Sequence      Purchase

Jeff’s CDC RS2 BWO Emerger                   Recipe         Photo & Slide Sequence      Purchase


This is the time of the year folks are mending gear, tying flies, learning or working on new skills, making preps for the upcoming season.  Some folks consider winter the ‘off season’ or our ‘slow time of the year’…but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Its one of our busiest times.   We are currently running several classes, our upcoming Knot Tying Class at GTCC slated for Jan 29, 2013 is FULL and so is our Beginning Fly Tying Class slated to begin on Jan. 30, 2013.  I know there are instances where some folks can’t make it to a class, or for whatever reason have a conflict and can’t make it.  For those situations I also offer private instruction, and I can come to you if that works better for you.  I do these lessons hourly and by appointment.


Have been getting a lot of trip bookings for future trips, our Feb. 5 Escatawba trip, which we are offering at our Winter Special price of $185  (normal group rate is $250)….and we have 2 spaces left.  If you are interested you can book your space here .  Our May South Holston mayfly madness trip May 14-16, 2013 is filling up too, we have space for two  more folks….if interested you can book your space here .  The other trip of ours that has been very popular is our annual summer Wyoming Sampler Trip to the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We currently have 5 spaces booked and one opening left.  You can book your slot here .  For any trips and particularly the Wyoming trip I will gladly meet with you over coffee, lunch, or dinner and present the trip to you with photos, videos, and other information about this fantastic trip.   Here are a few pieces written from a past Wyoming trip…….

Truly Native and Truly Special

Where the Buffalo Roam

Wyoming Sampler Day One

Wyoming Sampler Con’t

Wyoming Sampler Day 5

Wyoming Sampler Day 6

Also, winter is a great time to listen to podcasts…one of my personal favorites is Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast at Orvis.  Its a great way to learn and pick up a few tips, particularly when the weather is as nasty as it has been this week.  Of Tom’s recent podcasts I particularly like the Ten Tips for Winter Fishing, and Tips for catching large fish, and Winter fishing tailwaters.  All have some great information.  Another great resource is Ask About Fly Fishing.  Here’s a great one, its called Reading Water by Gary Borger.

We’ll be rounding out our week guiding two trips, conditions permitting.  Thursday I’ll be guiding a client from Winston-Salem, NC, Dr. Tom Wolff.  On Friday, I’ll be guiding another one of my regular clients Dr. Pat Burney from Greensboro, NC, we’ll be fishing a NC location as long as conditions improve.  Looks like a little more rain tonight and Wednesday and then hopefully this mess will be gone.

Have a great evening ………Good Fishing!


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A sign near one of our well traveled spots in August, Antelope Flats near the community of Kelly, Wyoming……the sign is accurate….Better pay attention!


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