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Great Day Fishing in the Snow….

Fri…Dec.28, 2012…What a nice day to fish, my kind of day. Spent the last couple days since Christmas with the flu bug so it was good to get out. I guided Gregg Williamson, Oak Ridge, NC, and his brother Ken who was here visiting from San Diego, CA. It was great to have Ken out again, had not fished with him since our 2008 Wyoming trip.

We arrived to 163cfs flow at Dunlap Creek on the private section at Escatawba Farms . With a good bit of snow laying around it made it really seem like a day of winter fishing. We started by nymph fishing with double rigs and simply put it was fantastic. The first spot Ken and Gregg went back and forth for a couple hrs , fish for fish. We got maybe one 20" rainbow, then moved down to another slow stretch. We did pretty well there too, scoring several more nice fish. With toes cold, we headed back up the hill from the creek to have lunch by a bonfire.

After warming up and enjoying some food, we went downstream to another long stretch and did well there too, both Ken and Gregg landed a bunch of fish. Gregg caught the largest one here, a 20/20…..that is a 22-23" beast of a rainbow that ate one of my #22 glass head zebra midges. A 20 inch plus fish on such a tiny fly is quite a feat.

We hit one last spot as light was fading and Ken caught 8 more nice fish and we broke off a 20" in plus brown …… it was a phenomenal finish to an already good day. My guess is we landed about 45-50 fish on the day….in 35-37F water. And they say fish don’t feed as much when its under 40F water temp. Really?

Great day…. Looks like Winter Weather Advisories for most of NW NC Mtns and SW VA , mix of snow, sleet, ice….2-4" accumulation through tomorrow afternoon. Hey, its winter…..sounds like great fishing weather…!

Will be gearing up for my next guided trip on Monday 12/31, which will round out 2012. Will be guiding JT Pope of Durham, NC, and looking forward to finishing the year strong.

Have a great evening…..if traveling tonight or tomorrow in the High Country be safe…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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