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Crappie Weather Day…..

Thurs. Dec. 20, 2012…..This ones a play on words , not "crappie" as in fish but as in foul weather. I guided Dr Tom Wolff and Jeff Davis and I picked my guys up in Newland, NC, and we were off to the river. It was in the low 30s and windy and the forecast was for rain to snow and Winter Weather Advisory….. Uh oh. We had been watching this one all week, and this weather system grew into a powerful one in short order.

We nymph fished primarily and while we didn’t kill them we still ended up with a good day in albeit horrendous conditions. 35-40 fish on a variety of nymphs , double rigs fished with a lot of weight as the river level has come up a lot.

We hit a second stretch of river and did very well, catching most of our fish there. It was like the more nasty and foul the weather got the better the fishing was. We scored a ton of fish in the last hour and a half including two citation fish, one 21" rainbow by Tom and a citation brookie by Jeff. A good end to a nasty weather day.

Getting ready to head down the hill in time to get back in and put together some Christmas orders. Making it out just in time before the roads get bad. There is now a Winter Storm Watch for the NC Mtns with 3-5" of snow and 40-60mph winds. Yes….! Winter is here.

Yes I am crazy.

Have a great evening……><€{{{{}}:)>


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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