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Good Day with Our Escatawba Winter Kick Off Trip….

Tues. Dec. 18, 2012…..The day started off mild and rainy, but then became cold and rainy and windy. Guided Greg Adzima, Brian Fitzgerald, and Rick Trautman and we had a good day. Landed probably 50-60 fish or more and several real beasts.

Greg Adzima and I were at the head of one of the largest pools on the upper river when we spotted a ginormous rainbow. I pointed out the cast to Greg, he made a good throw and the fish slid right just as we expected and gently sipped the fly….and the battle was on. About 5 minutes later about 28-30 inches and over 10lbs of hook jawed rainbow trout lay in my net. Unreal, the largest to date in almost 13 yrs of fishing Escatawba….dating all the way back to its beginning back in 1999/2000. This fish is officially the largest fish of the year for one of my clients. We were shaken up pretty good….and it was awesome.

The Farm is fishing well and today kicked off our winter season there and we will be doing trips all winter long at Escatawba plus another group trip in January….let’s go fishing and enjoy some of the finest winter fishing you will experience anywhere.

Have a great evening…..time to have a long winter’s nap….!

Merry Christmas….


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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