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Cloudy, Drizzly, a “Catching” Day….

Sun. Dec. 8, 2012…..  Some days are fishing, some are fishing/some catching, some days are catching.  Today was the latter…..a day of catching.  Did a guided Trip yesterday Dec. 7, 2012 with Mike & Taylor Johnson, Greensboro, NC, in the NC Mtns,  Mike and I met up with his son Taylor, a sophomore at Virginia Tech, in Hillsville, NC for a full day trip in NW NC.  We were on the water and fishing by 830am, and I knew with the drizzly, cloudy, low sky conditions the opportunity to do well was there for us.  It was great.  We caught fish on a variety of patterns, mostly nymphs, and also streamers….as the water temps had risen to the low to mid 40s and the fish were in a run and chase mood quite a bit.   Mike slayed them stripping one of my dead squirrel patterns, and in the afternoon repeated that with one of my black krystal buggers.  Taylor put on a clinic, there were several runs where he got double digits in terms of number of fish.  We lost one huge rainbow in the afternoon, then Taylor landed a citation rainbow from the same run.  We had one more giant slam the fly, as Mike and I were walking downstream just before dusk and a fish slammed his dead squirrel……a washtub size alligator swirl and splash and a blank leader was what we got out of it….the big fish broke off.  Overall we caught between 60 and 70 fish in my estimation, it was great.  It was great to spend a day with Mike and Taylor…..here are a few pics , you can view the Entire Trip Photo Album  here .

Great to have a day of rest today……..have another busy week this week mixed with Christmas business and orders….its been a great season so far.  I can’t remember a fall /early winter season when we have caught more fish and large fish.

Have a trip on Monday guiding Dr. Tom Wolff, Winston-Salem, NC, and Mike Workman on Tuesday chasing some huge private water rainbows.   Then I have three open days I’ll either guide a trip or work on finishing up our upcoming newsletter….which will have a ton of stuff in it.  I finish the week guiding two of my favorite clients, Dr. David Spivey and Jon McGraw, Clemmons, NC.

Looking forward to a great week, hope yours is great too.   Merry CHRISTmas!



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