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Good Finish To A Very Chilly Day…..

Thurs. Dec. 6, 2012….. We had already had a good day when we broke for lunch at 130pm. Jeff Wayman and I put 30 fish in the net and landed them on one of my Tunghead Dead Squirrels , including 3 citation rainbows and one large brown that Jeff had on for about a minute or so before it ran into a tree lap and broke off.

After lunch we concentrated on a couple of my favorite winter deep stretches. We put the indicator six to seven feet up the leader, loaded it with split shot , a Tunghead Dead Squirrel, and a #20 Baetis nymph dropper. We landed about 15 more fish on that setup, including two more citation rainbows and a huge brown well over 20" that was hooked briefly but managed to get off. The weather all day was cloudy, rain, and 37-41F…..a low gray sky ……just what I like in winter.

We finished with between 40-50 fish, and they were in full winter mode in the 42-44F water….all stacked up in deep holes and runs. We saw a few blue winged olives hatching and there were a couple risers, but not enough to warrant a dry fly. And when we were Smokin’ em on what we were using why change…?

Will be doing a ton of Christmas orders tomorrow and also tying flies for a Saturday trip and other up and coming trips. Saturday I will be guiding a trip with Mike and Taylor Johnson of Greensboro, NC. Should be a good day with highs in the 50s.

Have a great evening and tight lines…..


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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