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Good but Cold End to a Good Day….

Wed. Nov. 28, 2012….Had already had a good day guiding Larry Tomar , we had landed about 15 or so and went to the truck for a break from the temps in the mid 30s, 15mph NW breeze, and 37F water….We moved upriver to a favorite spot and it yielded 15 more and one huge rainbow.

We cranked up the heat and enjoyed a quick lunch, then we headed back out and hit another spot. We caught maybe a half dozen more and ended the day with a nice citation brook char. It was getting quite chilly with the sun sinking low in the sky and dusk quickly coming upon us.

It was a good day, we landed about 3 dozen fish…..a good day on some big and deep water. Most of our fish came from spots where I think few fish see a fly, because folks fish above them by either not going deep enough or not using enough weight.

Have a day of filling a ton of fly orders and Christmas orders then will be guiding a Friday trip with Durham Potter, Raleigh, NC, and Buster Lewis, Greensboro, NC.

Have a great evening…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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