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Nice Morning….Cloudy Skies Should Mean Good Fishing!!!!!

Mon. Nov. 19, 2012….. Nice morning, mild compared to last several mornings. I will be guiding Wayne Johnson, Atlanta, GA, and Wayne’s nephew who is new to flyfishing. Should be a good day, we could see some bwo hatches today.

We have a new line of leaders available, we are offering two sizes of our big water technical trout leader, one of my own design that is customer hand tied with low vis Maxima butt material, and it is one I have had trouble keeping on hand as its been very popular with customers fishing the South Holston, Watauga, Smith, Clinch, and Jackson Rivers. It provides a real presentation advantage by giving a nice slack line/leader presentation making possible some long, incredible drag free drifts. Have had a hard time keeping them in stock….because they WORK. Also, I have a custom tied small stream version available as well…..quite simply these leaders are among the finest I have ever used…..and one I spent many years tweaking and experiementing with. You can check them out here . The technical trout leader I offer in a 12ft 5x size and a 12ft 6x and these are specifically for tailwater selective trout situations , the small stream leader I offer in 7.5 foot 4x and a 7.5 ft 5x and it works great on small streams and Delayed Harvest waters (our most popular fly fishing streams).

Have a great day today, more to come from the water……


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