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Nice Day To Be Outside…..and Good Fishing….

Fri. Nov.16, 2012….. I knew it was going to be a great day to be outside…it was cold to start but dead calm which made it very nice. Thanks to SIMMS I was toasty warm inside and could only feel the crispness of the air as it nipped at my face. Nice weather day it was, the weather has been dry overall too and we really need some rain. It’s been almost a month since a significant rain event…..of course we did have one big snow but other than that its been tough. The water is getting quite low and clear in some locales….including where we fished today.

I guided David Howard of High Point, NC, and he is family as he is married to my cousin Ann. David did a great job as we landed about 30-35 fish and two beasts , both were citations. One a brook trout and the other a beast of a rainbow. It was great, both took large flies and the brook trout took one of my new Y2K s I call a ‘SpongeBob’. It killed them today as did my Bead Head Batman.

We called it a day at 5pm, it was getting dark and the temperature was dropping super fast. It went from comfortable to cold in no time.

Back in this evening to see my family and to re tool and pack stuff for tomorrow’s trip. I am guided Anthony Hipps, Lexington, NC, and Bob Swirtzke, Fayetteville, NC, and we should have a fantastic day.

Will have more to come tomorrow from the water..

Have a great weekend!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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