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Great Week’s End and Good Week Coming Up..

Mon.  Nov. 5, 2012….Had a great Saturday guiding Dr. David Spivey and his son in law Jon McGraw.   I thought to myself in the afternoon, no matter how you report this trip it will sound like a fib.   It was that good.  I met up with David and Jon in Clemmons, bright and early and we headed up the hills and my goal was to have us in the water by sunup.  Mostly because it was to be a decent weather Saturday and I expected other anglers.  That would prove to be a good move, one because there were indeed other anglers, but also because the fishing was on from the get go.  I had changed our original plans for fishing a higher elevation water to a lower elevation one based upon the effects of the snow melt from Sandy and the cold temps.  Now, you have to keep in mind that give the fish a week or so and the cold will be irrelevant.  I mean trout are coldwater fish, water is always cold, and its not a problem.  In fact, cold water/weather isn’t a detriment to fishing….its our best fishing/conditions (for catching fish/large fish)  of the year.  The fish adjust….simple as that.  But they do have to adjust.

Dr. David Spivey with a beast of a brookie….

I hedged bets that our lower elevation water we fished would be a few degrees warmer, the runoff a little less of an issue, all things in our favor……  It was a good move, and we reaped the benefits.  We fished nymph rigs all day, the water was cold, and there were a few rising fish toward the afternoon….we could have caught some on top but the approach at hand was working so we didn’t switch.  David and Jon landed a little over 100 fish, including 6 citation fish (usually large fish, 18-20″ or larger).  It was great, the water was 40F-41.5F when we started and about 46.5F midday and 48F by the end of the day.  Perfect nymphing conditions….one reason we did so well.  The Lt Cahill spinners are still coming down on a lot of low elevation streams…..and that is normal in the Fall.  If you see reference to a ‘Orange Spinner’ size 14, 16 in any angling literature, magazine, Smoky Mtns hatch guide…..etc, that is the fly being referred to.  There were also a few blue winged olives, lots of small caddis….plenty of eats for mr trout.  You can check out the Entire Trip Photo Album  here .

Jon McGraw with a beast of a rainbow…..

Have a busy week coming up, heading out early here in a few to guide a South Holston trip with Bob Stanford, Greensboro, NC, and Laura Kennerly of Madison, NC, and it looks like after many days we finally have a workable release schedule.  Have several other trips, will be guiding Ed Bagwell of Richmond, VA on Wed., Tony Pugh of Asheboro, NC , on Thursday, Dr. Charlie Langdon , Greensboro, NC on Friday, and the Greensboro Rotary Group /Buster Lewis on Sat.  Our Friday and Saturday trips are at Escatawba Farms, Covington , VA.


Looks like a nice day ahead , then some rain/rain and snow coming back tomorrow and Wednesday.  No wash out rain, though we could use a good rain. Looks like light stuff for the most part.  Have a great Monday and I will be posting a report later today from the river once we are fishing.

Enjoy your Monday…..  Tight Lines…


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