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Cold Weather Means Good Fishing….

Oct.31, 2012…..Trick or treat…..this one was a trick . The early blizzard that is. We have anywhere from 2-6" of snow in the valleys to 16-18" of snow on the mountaintops….especially west facing slopes and elevations over 4000ft. In Watauga and Ashe counties its still coming down…. Some locations along the NC /TN border above 4000′ feet got over 18"….Beckley, WV in some spots got between 2 and 3 feet.. wow.

We get a lot of questions….what is the fishing like? How will it be? Legitimate questions. First, the fish will adjust. Quickly. Don’t overlook one simple fact. Trout are a coldwater species. Brook trout, which are really char and not a trout at all, are even more so. Second, we live in the South. It’s temperate here compared to most mountain climates. Our worst weather is normal stuff to most locales where trout are found. In Jackson Hole, they sneer ay snows like this. And they keep going. And we are no different!

I have often said that we catch most of our large fish from November through March. That holds true year in and year out. The picture below is of Dr Hy Muss, Chapel Hill, NC , who will be with me for the Wyoming 2013 trip. He and 4 of his friends will be on a trip I guide this summer in the Turpin Meadows/Soda Fork wilderness. The photo below is from a winter trip on the Toe River drainage, one great winter haunt of mine….and one I know every inch of like the back of my hand. Hy and his two friends landed over 50 fish including this brown that was just south of 26"…..it was 35F, wind was 25 plus, and it was cloudy. So do fish bite in cold weather…? You tell me.

Will be preparing today for some upcoming trips and tying flies, mending gear, and also doing some website work before trick or treaters show up….. First time in a while I will be here to hand out candy….

In the coming days we will be handing candy to some big fish…..let’s go fishing!

Have a great one….!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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