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Cold, Snowy Trip…..its October?

Mon. Oct. 29, 2012….What a day, I heard the forecast and thought "….this ought to be interesting.". It was indeed that. Met my client /friend Mac Cheek, Greensboro, NC , for a half day trip….and it was just as they said it would be. From the time we started til we quit early afternoon it was cold, windy with winds of 35-40mph, and snow the entire time. It snowed on us the whole time we fished.

It wasn’t a bust, we landed 10-12 robust rainbows and had 2 20inch plus beasts at the end that gave us a shot…..one of them hit Tue fly and one would not take. It was a fitting end. Sure glad I had my SIMMS gear and I must say the Windstopper Hoodie /hooded guide jacket is just about the most amazing piece of fishing clothing I have ever owned. Thanks to Peter Vandergrift and the guys at the Guide desk at SIMMS for all the great gear. Amazing stuff…. I felt almost bulletproof in today’s wind.

Will be doing some work tomorrow in prep for trips the rest of the week. Have a great afternoon….and may be a good fly tying day or two coming up…..?

Have a great one….!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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