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Great Afternoon of Dry Fly Fishing….

Fri. Oct. 19, 2012…..It was great after watching bobbers all week to finally get into some dry fly fishing , did a morning on the Watauga and the rest of the day on the South Holston. Guided Mike Witt and Alan Spangler and we caught about a dozen or so on the Wag and then got into a sulphur hatch on the SoHo…then afternoon olives, then midge spinners and craneflies at the end of the day. We had a great day……about 40-45 fish all the way to dark.

If was an awesome day, albeit breezy. Surprised it did not put the fish down. Finishing up the week of trips tomorrow guiding Scott and Diane Bertrand on the SoHo, should be another great day.

Have a great evening, time to head back to the house and tie flies…..


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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