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Fall is Definitely Here….

Sun. Oct. 7, 2012……Great to get a day of rest, enjoying a day with the family.  Brought in the first load of wood very early this morning and looks like we’ll be enjoying a crackling fire this afternoon and evening.  If you doubted its Fall yet, just step outside.  Fall is definitely here, marked by the rush of cool air behind a strong cold front that moved through this morning with a line of very heavy thunderstorms.  The mountains escaped the heavy rains, but we didn’t, and got probably an inch or two of rain in an hour.  This front is marked by a 30-40 degree temperature change…..and will touch all of us.  Cool and soon cold weather will be here and with it will bring what I have always believed our best NC fishing of the year.  We always catch our largest fish in cold weather.…and that is or has been true for all of the 26 years I have done this professionally.   With better Fall water conditions than we have had in a long time, I see no reason why we won’t have another big fish winter.

Although we are only seven days into the month we already have nailed four large fish this October, a 19 inch brook trout and a 23″ rainbow, both landed by Rick Allen of Archdale , NC, a client of mine who I took on a guided trip a few days ago.  The other two, one was a brook trout of about 22″ and a rainbow of almost 24″, both landed by yours truly while fishing a little known and fished piece of water that confluences with one fairly well known trout stream….the likes of which I will keep secret lest I be strung up by the heels and whipped by some folks who’d rather me not say where specifically it is.  I do that a lot, some of it by request of clients and friends, so as to avoid bringing a ton of pressure to small water that can’t handle it.

A cool shot of air today and early this week will mean nothing but good things for fishing….trout that is.  Smallmouth, well, they are pretty well done in terms of a lot of flyfishing.  One reason is that with smallmouth they are usually forced to move a lot to eat our fly…that is, they have to some degree chase it down….especially if you are working or retrieving the fly at all.  Not saying you can’t catch one or some, but don’t expect the constant all day action of warmer months.    This cool down will really slow the bass down.  You have to remember, they aren’t largemouth bass.

Casting Essentials – The Aerial Mend from MidCurrent on Vimeo.

Above is a good tip on aerial mending….the reach cast is another aerial mend.   These are necessary and critical presentation skills for fishing the selective fish of the Smith and Jackson Rivers in VA and the South Holston, Watauga, Clinch Rivers in TN.  It is a skill that permits a long drag free presentation and allows you to get some incredibly good drifts.  And if you aren’t getting good drifts you can usually forget catching fish on these waters.  Great piece….watch and apply it!

Getting ready for a very busy week, starting the week with a trip in NC with one of my longtime clients who’s fished with me here and out in Wyoming many, many times Dr. Pat Burney.  We will be fishing a little known water near the Parkway.  Will be cool, leaves will be flying.  Tuesday a tentative tailwater trip if releases are ok as it looks like the TVA is bumping up releases this week on the SoHo…????? go figure, Thursday a Smith River trip with Dr. Art Kriner, another longtime client of mine, then Bob Stanford and Laura Kennerly of Greensboro, NC, on the South Holston, and a group led by Kathy Young and Susan Dixon on Saturday…should be a fish catching week…and I can’t wait.
Have a great Sunday……be blessed..!


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