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Tues. October 2, 2012….Hey everyone, just doing my first report of this week, have been under the weather with some flu like bug….not sure, but sure glad when things are back to normal.  I have a ways to go, but getting there.  In any case, the past couple days are good days to be sick I guess….given the rainy, messy weather.  We sure do have lots of rain, but then again that is what I and many others wished for.  Good water levels and good fishing go hand in hand.

Its October and our Fall season is in full swing.  Delayed Harvest waters opened or were restocked, rather, starting yesterday and stockings will go on all week long.  Stone Mountain and the Mitchell River were stocked yesterday, Stone in the morning and the Mitchell around 1pm.  The water is up, looks like streamers and bobber fishing…..but hey, that is what catches the most fish anyway.  These fish will take dries, but in no way like they will a subsurface offering.  I am busily working at home to fill several large fly orders today while I am under the weather.  Will be out again tomorrow guiding Tim Ross and John Eichorn from Raleigh, NC, on the TN South Holston.  Midges, blue winged olives….that will be on the menu.  We should do quite well.

An X caddis or X2 Caddis makes a great dry fly in fall, we like it in a cdc version and have lately really caught some nice fish on them.

Steadily working on our new FLY FISHING University Online…should be moving it right along.  We have started putting together a Beginner course and several intermediate to advanced courses.  The whole thing will operate similarly how local and national universities are doing their online classes.  Its exciting and can’t wait to have something finished and out there.

Here’s a FREE Printable October Hatch chart, a PDF file you can open and print to help you identify fall insects….to access it click here .  Fall is classic blue winged olive and caddis time….this is the prime time for larger Caddis, one which is called an October Caddis.  I have been using a size 12 October type caddis on TN tailwaters and smoking some of the larger fish with it.  And they have taken it as I was using it as the lead or indicator fly in a dry /dropper setup.

Have a great day today and we’ll have a current report from the river tomorrow…


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