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Nice Weather Continues….

Thurs. Sept 27, 2012……What a nice morning, I would not be unhappy if we had a whole lot of the weather we have had lately. Looks like the next couple days we have some rain on the way, just in time for the opening of all Delayed Harvest waters .

DH waters will be stocked beginning Monday, Oct.1 and stocking will be done all week and should be complete by Oct. 6,7 dates. Anyone needing specific info on the exact stocking date for a particular stream can contact me and I will pass along that info. 4 new waters have been added to the DH program, and we know them all.

We had a challenging smallmouth trip yesterday, the fish were not on as they have been. I guided Dan Camia and Larry Tomar and we landed about a dozen fish, give or take a few. We caught a mix of smallmouth, redeyes, redbreast, and even a few stonerollers. But it was tough and the topwater bite on the NC forks of the New has all but stopped with cooling temps. Water temps have gone from 62-64F in the am to 54F …..quite a change. It was all streamers fishing for us….and slow retrieves.

Have some upcoming trips annd will have some good fishing reports as well.

Have a great one today.


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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