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Challenging Day on Smallies…

Wed. Sept. 26, 2012…..Nice morning and it was cool to start, but it quickly warmed into the 60s. Cold nightly temps the past week have brought water temps down on the South Fork New where we were from 64F to 54F. Pretty cool, especially for September. Guided Larry Tomar and Dan Camia, both of Greensboro, NC, and we were fishing for smallmouth and a mixed bag so to speak.

Fishing was slow and pretty tough. More than I expected in that way, we did land about a dozen to 15 fish, a mix of smallmouth, redeyes, and a couple stonerollers. We had one large smallmouth swirl on a popper when we first got in….it left about a 3ft circle on the surface. It was in a place where a couple of 3lb plus , 18-20" bass live.

We fished just a half day, and at 230pm headed back. I have a GTCC Flyfishing 101 class tonight at 630pm, and its our final session before our class culminates on Saturday Oct 6,.2012 with a group trip.

Have a great one…!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
336-944- 3628

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