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Fall Is In the Air…..

Sat. Sept. 22, 2012….And as it should be. I love it when the mornings are cool…..its 52F here in Damascus, VA…..and you can see your breath. But by 10 or 10:30am that jacket or fleece is coming off and you take a deep breath …..all the while reminding yourself what a great day it is to be outside. It’s been like this a lot lately, and I must say its kind of like being out West…..Wyomingish…..and maybe that. Is one reason I love it so much.

Yesterday’s trip was just like that….except add in excellent fishing. I guided Laura Kennerly of Madison, NC on East Tennessee’s South Holston, and it was a great day. There are good days and great ones…..this was a great one. The fish were on their usual missions….depleting the midge population by eating tons of them. We did really well, scoring 25-30 fish on some of my new midge patterns. Two 20" fish and two others in the 17"-19" class. It was great, we fished until about 1130 am or so, then moved downstream and hit another spot and there we nailed another large 18-19" rainbow, one of the prettiest fish I have seen. We caught maybe a half dozen fish and took a quick lunch break. We then ran down to two more spots and caught a half dozen more before the water rose.

Looking for another great day today guiding Dr David Spivey of Winston-Salem, NC. Hoping for a repeat….

More to come, have a great weekend!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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