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Challenging Day of Smallmouth on the New….

Sat. Sept. 15, 2012……from today’s fishing report, Guided a trip with Dr. and Mrs. Scott Bertrand, Greensboro, NC, on the New River and we were after smallmouth.  I left Chilhowie, VA bright and early and met Scott and Diane near Jefferson, NC, we met and then headed to the river.  We fished a long stretch that has fished pretty well all summer long but it was slow until right at the end.  We got into some fish, some of them good ones, Scott had one about 14-15″ or so which was the largest one.  The fish were caught on top.  Things picked up and then we had what looked like some developing thunderstorms/showers right over us.  It drizzled a little but then stopped, so we headed down river and hit another spot.  We got into some more there, although it was real work for each one.  We caught one more pretty nice bass and several smaller ones and finished with about 20 smallmouth.  It was a tough day, the water has gotten really low and clear, the fish are skittish….and the fishing was pretty challenging.  More so than it usually is, although any experienced smallie fly fisherman will tell you smallmouth in really clear water are as tough as any wily brown trout.   Saw one of the heaviest, most massive flying ant falls ever but nothing but the redbreast and redeyes were partaking of them ……a shame there are no brown trout in this section to eat them… But it was a great day and always is spent with Diane and Scott.   You can check out our Entire Trip Photo Album online  here .

We headed for home with a heavy and dark sky upon us, although there wasn’t any significant rain.  It was a challenging day today for sure, but we caught a good number of fish even though the fishing was challenging.  But hey, these are wild fish…..they aren’t supposed to be pushovers.  Any challenging day is one less of those we’ll ever have…..lol.

Hope your evening and weekend are good and will be posting more reports early this week.  Have another busy week coming up.  Guiding David and Patrick Carter on Monday, Mike Mitchell from Raleigh, NC, on Tuesday, fly fishing class on Wednesday, working on our up and coming fly fishing university online on Thursday, and guiding Dr. David Spivey on Saturday.  Should be a great week.

Have a great evening!


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