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Phenomenal Day Yesterday…….

Tues. Sept 11, 2012…..Great start to the week, hope yours has been as well.  Remembering this day and the memories of it…like being in the airport at New York’s LaGuardia coming back from Wyoming the day before the attacks on the twin towers.  I was sitting in the terminal unknowingly in close proximity to  some of the folks who perpetrated those awful attacks.  And the day later, when they actually happened, how we had loaded up a large van with folks/clients from VF Corp to take them out on a guided day of fishing.  We were fishing when the news came, I can remember the stunned feelings like every one else….could hardly believe what I was hearing.  Thank the Lord it wasn’t worse.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who lost someone on that day 11 years ago.

On a more positive note, we had a simply phenomenal day yesterday.  Guided longtime friend, client, and treasurer of Nat Greene Fly Fishers Neal Mitchell on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers in East TN.  We had a stellar day.  Nailed the first fish we cast to, a very nice large,wild brown trout that was rising and we nailed him on one of my foam carpenter ants.  Sometimes nailing a nice fish on the first few casts is a bad omen…..often it is.  But today wasn’t that day.  We smoked ’em, landing over 30 fish on the SoHo, a mix of rainbows and browns, and finishing up with another 15-20 browns on the Watauga River below Elizabethton, TN.  Our Watauga fish were on mostly blue winged olives, with a few on cdc sulphur patterns too.  You can check out our fishing photos on my trip photo album page here .  Not only was the fishing superb, the weather was one of those ‘only like this a few days out of the year’ kind…..simply phenomenal!

Neal and I in the early morning fog (sounds Gordon Lightfoot’ish’ ?) on TN’s South Holston….This fish, like a few others, found one of my black foam ants to its liking… Jeff Wilkins photo 9-10-12

Our new e-newsletter and fishing report just went out.  Great response to it.  If you didn’t receive it and would like to read/view this Late Summer /Early Fall edition of it you can do so  here .

Also, occasionally we come across some funny or interesting stuff and I’ll sometimes share it with our clients and fishing report followers.  Here is one such thing, a funny piece from YouTube….its hilarious..

We have an upcoming fall special trip I have called our ‘FALL GETAWAY’ trip.  Our Featured Fall Trip , the Fall 2012 Getaway Trip we are doing again by customer request.  Dates are Oct 16-18……We will be taking in some great Fall foilage and fishing, and staying streamside as well on this great trip.  We will be staying on the banks of North Helton Creek and fishing for both trout and smallmouth bass on the upper New River drainage, including some new water on nearby Big Horse Creek.   Browns, rainbows, brookies, and bronzebacks…..how can you beat that?  We’ll likely fish 3 or 4 different waters on this trip.  Our cabin is situated on North Helton Creek and the trip includes 2 nights lodging, 2.5 days fishing (1/2 day Tues, Full day Wed/Thurs), food (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches), and more fish and scenery than you can handle.  All you have to do is come!  Trip price is a bargain at $325.00.  We have 2 spaces remaining on this trip…..for inquiries you can contact me here or by phone 336.944.3628, or you can pre trip purchase your slot by clicking the purchase link here.  I know this area like a second home and can show you some of its great fishing areas.

Have a busy end of the week coming up with a Guided Trip tomorrow with Michael Deans, then a trip on Thursday for smallmouth with Philip Hunt, then a Friday smallmouth trip on the North Fork of the Holston with Bo Grover of Kingsport, TN, then rounding out the week with a Saturday smallmouth trip with Diane and Scott Bertrand of Greensboro, NC.  Should be a great week!

Have a great week……and good fishing!



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