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Brief Return to Summer Like Weather…..

Fri.  Aug. 31, 2012…..Tommorrow marks the beginning of what I call ‘transition time’ in our mountains, the time when the weather of summer will begin to fade away and we’ll see cooler temps, changing weather, and fall colors in the mountains.  Color peak is sometime between Oct 8 and Oct 18 during most years.  And we usually always get the best colors if we have a wet spring, wet beginning of summer, then follow that with a late summer dry period.  With that weather scenario we usually get tons of color.

Will be on the New River in Va on Saturday guiding one of my regular clients Adam Harman.  We’ll get a super early start and hoping to get a nice early AM popper bite ….and hopefully a few large fish then.  We will be fishing a handful of spots and I expect the usual poppers early or on and off all day long with some streamer action thrown in here and there.  September is finally here, and with it some great fishing as the weather begins to pick up as fish sense cool weather coming.  We have a FREE Printable September hatch chart available, and you can click here to get it.

Also, here’s a heads up on one of the new things we’ll have for fall.  A line of custom leaders designed through many years of testing and tweaking.  The first ones we have are geared toward tailwaters and is called a Technical Trout Leader.  I designed the taper and it is essentially based upon George Harvey’s popular slack line leaders.  The butt sections are tied with Maxima Chameleon, low visibility and non-glare material.  Offering this in two sizes , a 12ft 5x and a 12ft 6x.  They haven’t yet been added to our website /online store but they can be purchased directly via PayPal here .    Here’s what they look like:

Have a busy week upcoming, we’ll be flyfishing smallmouth the early part of the upcoming week on the North Holston, then having our beginning flyfishing 101 class midweek, then followed by three days on the NC part of the North and South Forks of the New River.  We should be into some good fish, and I can’t wait…

Have a great weekend…


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Smallmouth fly called a ‘Fuzzy Niblett”….


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