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New Week, Cooler Temps a Plus….

Mon. July 30, 2012….Had a couple of days at the end of last week where I didn’t post a daily report, so this one is a bit longer than usual.  Here goes…!

Guided Ryan Sexton, Matthews, NC, when I met Ryan bright and early in N. Wilkesboro I knew we were in for a scorcher….and sure enough it was as advertised by the weather folks.  We drove along the lower river and much to my surprise it was muddy….a rarity on the Soho.  It was muddy along 2/3 to 3/4 of its entire length.  We arrived upstream above the muddy water and from the beginning the fish were on.  It didn’t take long for Ryan to score, within minutes the first fish was in the net.  We fished to sippers with a dry /dropper rig and did very well through noon, nailing about 20 fish on the dry /dropper combo and then several on a sulphur high post pattern #18 I have been using on these tough fish.  We caught a number of fish, including the best fish of the day, a 15-16″ brown on the high post.  We then moved up river, as there were few rising fish, and covered a couple of flats.  We got one fish that gave a slashing, smashing strike on a beetle, about a 15″ brown, then we moved to the flats just upstream.  Ryan landed about 4 or 5 more there.  In one spot we were walking and I noticed a brown of about 27-28″ long swimming right at us….like he was totally unaware of our presence.  I knew something must be wrong with it.  I netted the beast without much protest, and upon inspecting it saw a piece of large monofilament line trailing out of its rear end.  The fish had obviously ingested a bait fishing rig and was in the process of dying.  It was a huge male brown, probably 8-9lbs…a true trophy.   We left it to let nature take its course.  We then headed downstream and hit another hole.  Ryan nailed about six or 8 more fish there as we nymph fished a deep hole I knew would be fishing well with the cloudy water.  We killed them on choco midges, even in the dirty water.  We walked back to the SUV and had a late lunch, then headed upstream to hopefully catch the sulphurs coming off.  With the release schedules of the past week the river temps even up as far as the Beidleman access and Hickory Tree and Big Springs areas are running in the middle to high 60s, that’s high for the SoHo.  Means early fishing is good, midday is slow, late afternoon picks back up in the upper river with the final pulse of the day.  We went upstream and sure enough the hatch was underway.  The fish were as tough as nails….a common thing with these smaller sulphurs that are a size 18/19.  We fished to rising fish for the last hour and a half and nailed 4 more fish, bringing Ryan’s catch on the day to 34.  Not bad for a first trip to the SoHo…..really, not bad for any trip to this great river.  We called it a day, headed back to take our gear off and get an ice cold drink, then we headed home.  Great day, Ryan did a great job and should be proud.  Here are some pictures of our day, you can view the Entire Trip Photo Album  here  .

Ryan Sexton with one of 34 fish on the day on our SoHo trip on Thursday of last week.

Guided Albert Lundquist, Summerfield, NC, on Saturday, met Albert very early and we headed north to my home water, the Smith R.  After a quick steak biscuit and coffee, we were geared up and in the river fishing.  We got two decent browns in the first few minutes of fishing, both of them took a choco midge.  We worked our way upriver, missed a couple of fish, casted to a pod of nice risers but they were tough.  They were in one of the toughest spots on the river and with the sun finally getting above the trees the fish were quite spooky.  We went back to the SUV and went upriver to another spot where we quickly were into several more fish, all of these rainbows, including several we missed as well.  The last fish, a nice 16″ rainbow, took a dry /dropper rig, a  #20 choco midge fished under a RC Caddis dry fly.  By then it was lunch time and pretty hot, Albert and I had lunch and then headed back.  The Smith has continued to fish pretty well even in the summer heat.   We are offering a Late Summer Terrestrial Special on these trips, a full day or half day where you can learn techniques that will improve your skills on any water….

Nice 14″ rainbow on the Smith River on Saturday…..this guy ate a #22 Choco Midge…

Have some great deals on used fly rods, you can check them out on our Used Equipment page  here  .   One rod in particular is a Cabela’s Willow Creek rod that is 8 feet and 4 pieces and is a 4/5 which means you can fish either line on it.  Comes with the rod and a rod sack.  This is a great deal for a beginner or a backup rod for travel as well.  At 8 feet and 4/5 its the most versatile size—– like a 9 iron would be to golf—– you could use.  Its great for panfish, trout, bass and other fish in ponds/lakes.  This one won’t last.  I also have a GLoomis GL 3 two piece 8wt that is like a new rod, and a GLoomis FR1084 IMX  9ft 4 Wt….also pratically a brand new rod.  One of the best rods for the tailwaters like the Smith R, South Holston, Watauga…..that you could ever pick.  Also have a Fenwick World Class Reel 7/8 weight, with an extra spool, each spool is rigged with line and backing….. and one last one, is a G Loomis GL3 model 1417 reel with a floating fly line….. You can check out or bid on these items on eBay here  .  They won’t last long!

Cabela’s Willow Creek 8 ft 4 piece 4/5 weight…..a New Rod….$55.00

The rod above is a cool stick, I have looked it over well and its practically brand new with no signs I can tell that its ever been fished…handle is in grade A condition which is the easiest way to tell how much a rod has been used.  If interested you can shoot me an email at jwflyfishing@gmail.com.  This one will be gone soon!  I have a lot of really nice used rods coming in in a few days and will be posting more this week as well.

Hope your week is off to a great start, I will be on the water several days this week, some tailwaters trips, some fishing high elevation native waters, and also some smallmouth bass trips.  Should be a great week, and a lot more comfortable to be outside whether here or in our Mountains.

Tight Lines…

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