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Another Steamy, Wet Day in Paradise…..

Sat. July 14, 2012….  That pretty much summed up today, I took out two flyfishing class students Dan Mara, Ron Morris,Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns. It was already tough conditions before we arrived, the guys were only able to do today with their schedules so we gave fishing a try.  Several places were blown out, with the combination of rain that had already fallen, a saturated ground, and tons of heavy rain that was to come.  If it wasn’t high, dirty water, it was heavy rain.  That was today’s theme.  A shame, as the terrestrial fishing is in full force, and its been a while since I have seen so many beetles.  And the beetle fishing has been pretty good as it normally is when we have a hot, steamy summer as we have had the past month or two.  Today was a tough fishing day, a real challenge…..an impossible proposition.  We packed it in mid-afternoon when the last thunderstorm came…and that was the final straw.  An unbelievable downpour.

I have a busy week ahead with several guided trips so looking forward to getting on some better water conditions as this current weather pattern we are in should change up a little.  Still warm with the chance of afternoon showers/thunderstorms just not the very widespread heavy rains of late.

I have some fly specials coming up, one of which is a killer terrestrial fly sampler.  Will have more on that to come.  Have a great remainder of the weekend.

Good Fishing…!


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This is what you call a flood stage Class IV-V …….yikes…


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