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Pretty Good Day on the NoFo…

Thurs. June 28,2012….Pretty good day yesterday on the North Fork New guiding Dr Russell Kitchens and we caught 3 rainbows, 30 smallmouth, and a lot of redeyes. We caught all our fish on top with poppers.

Not a lot of big fish, but several decent ones from a pound to a pound n a half. Our largest fish was a 1.5 to 1.75 bass that smashed our popper.

Taking the day off today to spend with my bride celebrating our anniversary , no fishing she says “its too hot…”. So we will spend the day doing what she would like to do.

Have two openings , one for tomorrow 6/29 and Monday 7/2. Had two cancellations , one the customer was very sick. Still some fishing to be had , the South Holston is great right now, there are a bunch of hike in waters that are good, and smallmouth fishing us in full swing too. Let’s get away from the heat and go Flyfishing….!

Have a great one…!


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Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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