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Hot Weeks’ End and Weekend……

Wed. June 20, 2012….At least that’s the word from all the weather folks.  But then again, it is summer, and it can get hot around here.  But guess what?  The fish really don’t care.  There are still plenty of opportunities, even with the heat, and if there’s one way to get away from sweltering heat and find relief its standing in some cool, mountain water.  And I can show you a lot of places where you can do that…!

Had a good Flyfishing 101 class last night, we worked on Casting, presentation, line management and control, line stripping, etc, and finishing with about a half hour of fishing.  We caught some bluegill and the best fish was about a foot long bass caught by Pat Manahan.  I was demonstrating a technique and I caught the incredible monster below….it was all we could to to subdue it and it took all the physical strength I could muster to hold the fish up for the photo…

Our Flyfishing 101 Class….Pat Manahan with a bass caught on a popping bug…..Jeff Wilkins photo

A good fishing month so far, we’ve have some great smallmouth outings already, a good many good terrestrial trips, and the tailwater fishing is good as it usually is.  And the South Holston is still enjoying daily sulphurs and spinner falls in the evening and the closest local fishery, the Smith River, has been fishing well too.  Had some great times lately on the Smitty, with both terrestrials and with a light sulphur hatch that continues to trickle off.  And the fish are still rising to them.  This is due partly to the water releases of spring, and high cold flows…..that means good fishing through the summer in all likelihood.

Had a trip scheduled today with Mike Workman today but we had something come up and will be rescheduling for July.  The rest of the week, if all goes well, we’ll be guiding Drs Jim and Susan Singer at the private water of Escatawba Farms, then a 3 day trip with a group of my client/friend Joe Craig.  A group of Davidson college folks, dads and sons, so it looks to be a good trip.  We’ll be on the South Holston.

Here are a few summer tips, particularly where it comes to late day fishing….which if you haven’t tried….I would highly recommend:

Here are a few quick tips that might help the next time out on the river.  Its summer you know, and that often means fishing late all the way until dark.  Consider these tips when fishing at this productive time…

-On a lot of evenings, the best activity doesn’t begin until the bitter end of daylight.  A lot of people have left for the day when the best fishing is just about to begin.  Try using dark winged flies.

-The water takes on a greasy glare as the light fades in the evenings, and dark silhouettes become much more visible than bright colors.  Black dry flies, believe it or not,are most visible at low light. Dark flies like a Dark Caddis or Black Gnat Parachute are very visible in the glare.

-There’s no need to make world record length casts when you are fishing this late in the day.  Fish are less wary under the cover of darkness and often allow you to get much closer.  Fishing shorter lines is a good idea for many reasons, you can ‘hear’ strikes you aren’t able to see, you can see fish and fly more clearly, your casts are more accurate, you get better drifts too.

-Buy a headlamp.  It is next to impossible to effectively change flies, tie knots, or apply floatant or fly powder with one hand while you hold your flashlight in the other.  Headlamps allow hands free rigging, casting, fishing…..  You can get nice ones for under $30, my personal fave is a Petzl given to me by a friend years ago.  You can now get ones for under $10 at places like Walmart.  They are made by Energizer and work quite well.

Finally, here’s a cool Smartphone App you might find useful if you camp and fish or enjoy camping and want the flexibility to choose an area or site while on the road.  Its called We Camp Here.  Its $2.99 and I use it, it has gotten rave reviews.  Here are the two versions if you are interested in looking into them…..   Android Version       iPhone Version

Good Fishing….


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