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Challlenging Fishing, Good Sulphur Flurry…

Sun. May 27, 2012….the Mayfly Madness month is almost coming to a close, today I did a make up trip and am almost through with some spring backlog. Guided Mike Riddick from Cary, NC and we had challenging fishing but did get into a sulphur hatch that was decent. Landed about 12 fish in the 2 hour flurry, including two large fish and we broke off a fish on 6.5X that would have gone 22-23".

It was scorching hot and sunny and we didn’t get bugs til about 1130am. But then they came and soon fish were rising. This phase of the hatch is just beginning where we were fishing, as the fish didn’t act as though they were really totally interested in them. But we found enough cooperative fish to have some good fishing. After a quick lunch we headed downriver and hit several more spots before rising water got to us at 545pm.

The TVA turned off at 7pm and I went to investigate a couple of spots to see if there were any Spinner flights occuring. I did find a good spinner fall and nailed about 20 fish in the last hour and a half before it got dark. There were a couple 18-19" fish (just under 20") that I landed and I took advantage of a rare opportunity to fish in the evening myself. I walked out in darkness fully satisfied with the fishing I had. The South Holston in all her glory…and it was again incredible.

Headed home early in the morning to celebrate my wife Kathy’s birthday. Then trips Tuesday through Saturday….is going to be a busy week again full of trips and some of them right here on he SoHo.

Have a great evening..!


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