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A Good Day in Less Than Perfect Conditions…

Fri. May 18, 2012…..I knew that we would have our work cut out for us when heavy thunderstorms passed over us Thursday afternoon. Guiding Dr Brian Donley and retired High Point, NC Police Chief Jim Fealy and we had a challenge finding clear enough water to fish. A mudline went right down the middle.

We nymph fished two separate spots and landed 18 fish, including 5 fish on one of my new sulphur dry fly patterns. We sight fished to a rainbow that was over 30" and looked easily over 10lbs but we could not get him to eat. It actually came over to take a shot at a hooked fish that we had on. I have been watching this fish and know where he is and will have another appointment with him at a later date.

We had a lousy schedule and the water came up on us so we hopped in the SUV and headed down to a couple other spots. It was all nymphing as the water was dirty on this stretch. We caught 7 or 8 more fish, and what we gave up in terms of numbers the size went way up. Brian and Jim each caught a large brown, the best one just under 20 inches on one of my chocolate zebras. We fished for about an hour longer and called it a day when the water came up on is for the final time.

Today was a real challenge, the normally gin clear South Holston looked more like a mix of pea soup and coffee cream and sugar. But if you know where the holes and ledges are where the fish stack up catching them is no problem. I have been doing this going on 27 years now….and every time its a new challenge. Occasionally you make an exceptional day of it and today was that day.

Off to do another trip tomorrow, will be guiding Albert Lundquist of Summerfiled, NC. Looking forward to it as well.

Have a great evening and weekend!


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