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Unbelievably Stormy Day, Lucky To Catch Fish….

Thurs. Apr.26, 2012…..We had an incredibly stormy day and spent several hours waiting it out and moving from downpour to downpour. This morning was downright ugly…..heavy rain, frequent lightning, thunder. I was just before calling it early and us heading home. The water rose, got dirty, but we were catching fish.

Guided Jeff Chalmers today and had a good day considering the weather. Fished three different waters and moved from spot to spot getting out of storms in each place. Several waters are muddy, the final place we fished put an end to the day when the thunderstorms finally muddied the last water.

We landed over 30 in about as tough a conditions as you could ask for. Jeff caught one 23.5" rainbow and a 20.5" brook trout on some remote water I knew of that rarely gets fished by fly anglers. We also landed 3 BRBs …..blue ridge bonefish that is…lol. These 3 were hognose suckers and one was over 20" and gave a couple blistering runs. They are like a copper bonefish with a tubular downturned mouth. And they will eat a small nymph just like a trout will.

Headed home, its late and it looks like tomorrows trip to SW VA with guiding Mike Workman on private water is a no go. The North Holston is nearby and it was flowing at a normal 265cfs. After todays heavy storms it is flowing right now at a mind boggling 6900 cfs. Escatawba is at 3970 if you can believe it.

Will have another report tomorrow, have a great evening!


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