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Rain, Snow, and Cold Weather….

Sun. Apr. 22, 2012…..Just a heads up….wow how things have changed. Headed up this afternoon to the mountains in Buffalo Cove in Caldwell County and my sons and I are turkey scouting and hunting tomorrow. It is cold and rain is changing to snow and the wind….well its brutal. Not the best conditions. Temps are supposed to be in the low to mid 30s, with a frozen mix. Just the conditions we were hoping for….? Not hardly.

And waters are pretty high and muddy or murky everywhere and we spent the afternoon evening fishing in Buffalo Cove area. It was very wet and we did see three toms, and hopefully we will get some opportunities tomorrow.

Fishing was good despite the incredibly high flows. We caught about 20 fish—-a mix of rainbows and brookies. Both Buffalo and Joes Fork were both very high, but rainbows like that and for them its game on as usual. Saw a ton of sulphurs hatching, it was like a blizzard hatch of them. Too bad the water was too high to see any fish rising to them. Of course, I am sure with the cool weather the bugs will be coming off for a fee more days. It’s going to be great when the stream levels improve in a day or so.

Have a great evening…!


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