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Sat. Apr.7, 2012…..Got an early start this morning, it was chilly. In the mid 30sF in fact, but it didn’t stay that way. Today was a great day in all respects. I was quite shocked at seeing almost no other anglers.

Today I guided Jeff Holcombe and his two sons Forrest and Ellis, and a friend of Jeff’s Dave Shenk.

We had planned to fish a couple spots, our first stops in Mitchell County were a no go. The water was still way up and muddy. Several waters we went over were high and blown out.

We went to plan C…we headed over to some lesser known water. My thoughts were that we would at least find water clear enough to fish because most water on this watershed runs over a sand and rock bottom. Not to mention the watershed is very sparsely populated and there is little development and almost no farming….which means less turbid runoff.

Making the above call paid off…….nicely. we did very well landing about 30-35 fish that were a mix of about 90% brook trout and 10% rainbows. All our fish were caught nymphing, the water was too high to get much topwater action. That will change though, as there were a ton of bugs coming off. Better have a good assortment of yellow dry flies. I am seeing lots of Cahills and sulphurs, and up until a few days ago fish were taking them …and as soon as water levels drop it will be game on with dry flies.

We finished up about 3pm and Jeff and his sons and I hit DQ for a late lunch. The guys headed back where they were staying and I checked out another water between Asheville and Old Fort and got into a dozen to fifteen rainbows and brookies. Great way to put an exclamation point on good day.

Will be taking Easter Sunday off to celebrate with my family. We will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that brings new life to all who call on Him.

Have a busy week full of trips this week. Will kick the week off guiding Dale Wood of Summerfield, NC.

Happy Easter!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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