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SIMMS Deals on Winter Merchandise…..

Wed. Apr. 4, 2012…..As many of you know, I try to notify customers when a really good deal is available on flyfishing gear.  One of my pro staff companies is SIMMS and there are some really good deals on winter stuff right now.  Windstopper is one of my all time favorite pieces.  I wear SIMMS Windstopper Vests and Jackets and much of my winter comfort on the stream in cold weather I owe to SIMMS and those outstanding pieces.  There’s simply nothing like them.  How you can stay toasty warm in such thin stuff is beyond me.  But its amazing.   I will say this….a Windstopper Hoodie Jacket is the best piece of fishing clothing I have ever owned.  A great deal at any price.

You can click the link below to view some of the current deals, and there are a lot of them, on Sierra Trading:

SIMMS Clearance Items

Have a great evening…!



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