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Busy Week Ahead, Fishing is Wide Open…….

Sun. April 1, 2012……Busy week ahead and the fishing is wide open.  Had a full week of trips last week capped off by a great day on Saturday.  Finished the week with client Melissa Malone and her two friends and had some good fishing.  I took Melissa upstream to a favorite run/hole and the water was up about 4-6 inches and a little stained.  I  had a gut feeling that we were in for a nice fish.  Like several times this spring, the perfect opportunity was right before us.  I explained to Melissa the cast, the drift, how to manage the line.  The presentation was probably an honest 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Melissa made the cast, perfect it was and the line drifted about 3 feet and came to an abrupt stop.  Melissa responded in exactly the way I had just gone over.  Perfect take by the fish met by a perfect hookset.  It was game on, and we quickly were into a battle with a very nice fish.  At least 20 inches, and the fish was fighting like crazy.

I coached Melissa through every burst, run, jump, dive that the fish would do over the next 5 or 6 minutes.  Every time the fish would run, Melissa responded just as I coached.  The fish made several long runs, and there were easily three times during the fight that the fish could have easily broken off.  But not this time, Melissa handled everything perfectly, and soon about 22.5 inches of rainbow trout would lay in my landing net.  A high five moment for sure, and it was a nice ending to a challenging week.

Have 6 trips scheduled this week, we’ll be on the water with Greg Smith on Monday, Greg Adzima on Tuesday, Mike Workman on Wednesday on one of our private waters, and William Smith on the Holston on Thursday and concluding with two days –Friday and Saturday–with Jeff Holcombe and his friend Don Swaim and Jeff’s son Ellis.  Some great opportunities and we should have some great fishing reports too.

April kicks off mayfly madness with some of our best hatches of the year occuring this month and next.  Click here for a FREE printable April hatch chart.  Also, we’ll gladly help with any fly needs you may have.  We are one of the few guide services in the region who sells the flies that we use on trips……so if a silver bullet is what you need let us know.  I offer custom patterns too and also can customize any pattern for you.

Our Fly Tyer’s Bench page I have updated with several new fly patterns.  Our our nymphs page we have added two new patterns that I have had much success with lately, the Tin Man nymph and Hare n’ Peacock nymph.   I have added a new emerger pattern that works well for Quill Gordons, March Browns, Gray Foxes, and some of the light colored Epeorus species ….it is called a Hare’s Ear Sheep Fly.  I have added a new dry fly called a CDC Peacock , and a streamer called a Jeff’s Grizzly Matuka .  Have fun tying…!!  Plus,  for our customers and clients who don’t tie I offer these flies for custom patterns as well. 

So far the biggest weather impact has been warm temperatures. Water temps are up considerably and midday temps are 55-60F or more. Higher elevations are cooler, but regardless of location we are getting warm air and water temps a month early. Generally what warm temps do is quell insect activity. That means that cool and cloudy days will probably be the days to catch them on top, as well as the first few hours of daylight and the last three hours of the day. Otherwise you may have to rely on nymphing and streamer fishing to consistently score fish. Perhaps the best recent example of warm water temp impact are the light to non existent hatches of olives and other bugs on the South Holston and Watauga tailwaters, and local waters like the Mitchell and Elk—-both of which are rich in bug life and usually have some noticeable hatches.

Have a great start to your week and I will have a fishing report from the water once we get started. I will be guiding Greg Smith from Greensboro, NC and Greg’s son who is a student and on spring break.

Tight Lines…


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