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Stormy Weekend……….

Sat.  Mar. 24, 2012 ……….Had a great week even if there were a few cancellations, it is spring time and thunderstorms are about as we have a strong upper level disturbance here that has been the precursor for such wet weather.  Did a couple of good trips this week, including one on Thursday at Escatawba in VA that yielded well over 50 large fish and over a half dozen 20 inch fish.   Yesterday I was out for the second day this week with Mike and Nate James, and we had good trips both days.  Yesterday we got into about 25-30 rainbows and brookies….that was before some on and off thunderstorm activity and one big one at the end that got us……literally.  I netted one last fish, a nice brookie caught by Mike……just as the downpour unloaded on us.  We scurried back to the SUV and were wet as the fish we caught when we got there.  Wet we were……but satisfied from a good day’s fishing.    We then drove through some of the heaviest rain I have ever driven through….like go five miles per hour with the wipers going as fast as they will go and still we could barely see.  Within minutes the ditches and side streams/creeks were running like a raging torrent, some of them spilling in brown and red runoff which quickly turned the river muddy and high.  Today’s trip was postponed due to high, muddy conditions in the place we were headed and overnight storms plus the coming storms of today.  This is proving to be a good call as now heavy storms are all over the mountains….seven of the 10 or so counties I fish and guide in regularly….all have severe thunderstorm warnings with thunderstorms in progress at present……..Here’s a radar image below:

More thunderstorms today and tomorrow.....

Some flyfishing guides, including myself, believe in doing nearly whatever it takes to put clients on fish.  Check out this video clip from our friends at TroutHunter on the famed Henry’s Fork in Idaho……View here  .  Pretty funny, maybe a snowmobile is in our upcoming arsenal……….Just thinking…

Will be playing catch up today with messages and fly orders and tying for some upcoming trips this week……..and also taking in a small dose of March Madness, all hoping my Heels survive if Kendall Marshall is again unavailable.

Have a great weekend……..!



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Nathan James with a bruiser of a brookie.....great job landing this guy on 6X......


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