Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Two Great Days…..

Tues….Mar. 13, 2012…. The word is "fishing is on fire"….the fishing report could be as simple as that .Great fishing this week so far guided Ho, Andrew, and Mark Lee and we had a blast landing about 40-45 fish on a variety of nymph patterns. The water was in great condition, temp upper 40sF. A lot of #18 Dun and black caddis hatching, and we killed them on a caddis pattern I had tied the night before. It worked like a charm. We also fished a remote hike in stream and caught 3 small fish before heading out to one last place downriver. We ended the day there with two last fish.

Did a half day trip with Ed Roussel of Winston-Salem, NC today March 13 and we landed about 25 fish including rainbows and brookies. We saw the first Quill Gordons I have seen thus far and with this week the warm temps will bring them out . Not a bad time to have some 12-14 size Adams parachutes in the flybox.

Have a great one….!


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
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